Sunday, June 28, 2009

Checking In~Lackluster


So, I'm thinking, since my weight loss is non-existent, that I should start a Slim Fast plan. I'm thinking a drink for breakfast, a bar for lunch, a banana in the afternoon, then a reasonable dinner. I’ve already signed up on their website, filled out my little bio and joined a discussion group.

Both The Husband and I are in this weird place lately where eating is what we do. We had donuts at 9PM one night last week! That is disgustingly ridiculous. But we can't figure out what's wrong. General malaise based on the economy? Spousally shared depression? Racing to see who can fit into the biggest underwear??

My whole life seems lackluster lately. Maybe it's menopause. That's it, I'll blame menopause! But really, enthusiasm for anything but jewelry making and eating is at an all time low. *SIGH*

I’ve revised my goal weight from previous postings, so now I need to lose 46 pounds to get into that flirty skirt from Back in the Day. Wish me luck!

Look out, World! Get ready for my size 2 wardrobe!

C’est la vie!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Two Great Pix of The Prez


This is a great example of why I love Obama. He’s not afraid to show his humanness. Most presidents want to project a political image~Obama wants to highlight his fun, “one of the guys” side. Yeah, yeah, I know he’s a lawyer and politician, but I like him despite that!

Here he is, chillin’ on the White House steps with his equally chill staff (note the sandals, sneakers and untucked shirt).

Indiana Obama!

If you want to keep up with President Obama and more pix and info about the White House and First Family, log onto Flickr HERE

C’est la vie!