Friday, May 29, 2009

Check In ~ Revelation


Weight to lose: 42

Calories Consumed: Maybe not as many as I thought

Minutes of Exercise: 30 walking (I've had sinus issues lately, so hadn't been doing anything, which is unusual for me. I mean, I wasn't even sitting at the computer! Now, when I don't even want to spend time sitting upright at the computer, you know I'm sick!)

Notes: I got on the scale this morning just to torture myself and found my weight much less than I thought it would be. I know I'm not keeping much in the house to nosh mindlessly on and that's helping considerably. Even though I'm not making the best eating choices, I'm aware that if I eat something high calorie, I try to balance it with something low calorie later, instead of just giving up and eating whatever. Baby steps, folks!

Losses: Not really counting calories but aware of my eating patterns

Wins: Trying not to keep any junk in the house. Not eating continuously at night is making a difference!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still Dreaming of Paris


I started this blog talking about my desire to go to Paris. The dream is still alive. Someday, someday…

Anyway, here are two great blogs with Paris in the title that I read every day. I think you’ll like them.

Shelagh Duffett is an artist in Nova Scotia. I love her work--very colorful and cheerful! She writes about all kinds of things, with lots of photos and interesting narrative. Sometimes she even writes about French stuff.

Please remember that this is Shelagh’s copywritten artwork--please be respectful and don’t do anything illegal with it.

This second blog is so cool--everything Paris, right at your keyboard. Carol Gillott posts almost every day and it’s always something to do with Paris. It truly delights me to read her observations and study the pictures of Parisians, patisserie shops and the streets of Paris.

Again, copywritten! Don’t be tempted to do something bad with Carol’s pic!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check In ~ All Shook Up


Damnation, I hate earthquakes! We just had a 5.0, centered in Inglewood, near LA. The house creaks and the chandelier sways and the cats get very big eyes. My heart beats double and I do a controlled freak out. Well, I guess it's better than blizzards...

Weight to lose: Until 20 minutes ago, I was going to title this post "Just Shoot Me". Enough said?

Calories consumed: Too many

Minutes of Exercise: Does walking around Ikea and a craft fair count? It must, I've got a blister on my foot...

Notes: Not for public consumption. I'll get kicked off the internet if I express my dieting mood right now.

Losses: None of your beeswax

Wins: I didn't buy a candy bar at Ikea and I didn't eat the second Funny Bone in the package...

C’est la vie!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Check In~Patiently Waiting

Weight to lose: 42

Calories consumed: 1010

Minutes of Exercise: 35, Leslie Sansone Walking DVD

Notes: Last night, in planning what I'd do today, I said I would do the 3 mile DVD walk and today, I did. Yea me!

Losses: Probably had too many calories in the salad I had tonight--didn't really count the chicken and corn...

Wins: REALLY WANTED popcorn while watching Frost/Nixon. Considered sharing with The Husband, but that was still too many calories.

C’est la vie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Check In~Ho Hum

Weight to lose: 42

Calories consumed: 1050

Minutes of Exercise: 30, walking. Will probably do some weights/stretching

Notes: I actually felt good walking tonight. Since we had let the walking slide for a good part of the winter, when we first started walking again, it was laborious. Now it's getting easier.

Losses: None I can think of...

Wins: Got what I call "gut hungry" (actual hunger as compared to just wanting to fill my face) at work today and ate some Orange Essense Prunes. They're really flavorful and moist. No, really. Weeks ago I would have searched frantically for enough change at the bottom of my purse to buy a candy bar.

C’est la vie!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check In ~ Encouraging

Weight to lose: 42 ~ Whew!

Calories consumed: 1000

Minutes of Exercise: Does breathing count? I'll do some weights before I go to bed

Notes: I'm happy to report that I'm not thinking about eating 24/7. I don't crave chocolate at all hours. English muffins are not calling to me at midnight. *big sigh* Yea!

Losses: Didn't get a chance to exercise. Why can't there be 8 more hours in the day? Hell, I'd take 8 more hours in the week!

Wins: Weighed the lunchmeat I had in my dinner sandwich. It's so easy to say, yeah, that looks like two ounces, when it's actually double that...

C’est la vie!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Check In ~ Frustrated

Weight to lose: 40 friggin' 4

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 25, walking outside

Notes: Ate well today. Still staying at that damn 44, though. So frustrating. Wish I had a job that allowed me more movement. Sitting at a desk blows.

Losses: Crisis of faith. This morning I was really down because the pants I was wearing, some of the biggest I own, felt tight.

Wins: Here's a Mare Factoid: I drink a lot of diet soda, although I have managed to stop buying it to have at home. It's more expensive than gas, for crissake! In the morning, I buy a bottle from a vending machine at work and some days, I buy a second one later in the day. This afternoon, I got a bottle of water and mixed it with citrus Crystal Light (highly recommended, especially if you're not a water drinker, like me. The real deal is good but the Wal-Mart and Target brands are just as good and cheaper). I know water is better than diet soda but the caffeine is a hard habit to break...

C’est la vie!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Check In ~ Stay the Course


I know, I've been skipping days. Guess that's just gonna happen. So I'll title my check in's instead of numbering them. I couldn't ever remember what number I was up to anyway...

Weight to lose: 44

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 25, stair stepper, stretching

Notes: Sometimes you do everything right, or at least right enough not to gain, and you gain anyway... It's been warm here lately so I'm thinking maybe I'm retaining water again. I should take my measurements because sometimes your measurements stay the same but you gain temporarily but I'm just not at that point yet where I want to see the numbers... So, I'll stay the course and I'm sure the weight will go down again soon. I must be ready to lose because a setback of two pounds when I really have not been cheating would have led me to Cold Stone a few weeks ago. Flirty skirt, flirty skirt, flirty skirt!

Losses: Not doing as much exercise as I intend to do. The Husband was having back problems again but that's no excuse for me to sit on my butt...

Wins: Haven't brought anything bad into the house~bad is defined as anything I can eat continuously without thought, such as chips, trail mix or anything sweet.

C’est la vie!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Inspiration While Saling

I was out yard saling with The Husband this morning and found this T-shirt. No, it doesn’t actually fit me yet, but it will. I bought it because it’s inspiring. I want to be strong and fit. And I am a girl, so, hey, I’m a third of the way there!

There so many reasons I love yard saling. Here’s a couple:

We got a lot of exercise walking from yard to yard

You meet nice people

We wandered through a really cool community we wouldn’t have known existed had they not advertised in the Pennysaver (yeah, Pennysaver, where I’ve worked for 20+ years).

We met a cat and his person who were pretty fascinating since the cat came when called and apparently wanders around the neighborhood with his person like a dog.

Here’s a pic of the entire yard sale haul (not including the rubber swords and shield The Husband bought for props...). You can find out more about all this stuff at my other blog,

C’est la vie!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daily Check In #5

Weight to lose: 42

Calories consumed: ??

Minutes of Exercise: Uh...

I ate well during the day, knowing I was going out tonight. The Husbands' Dad passed away last year and today would have been his 84th birthday. He and The Husband (known as The Son in those days) would go to Sizzler every week and those are fond memories. So, to Sizzler in memory of The Dad.

Losses: (I've decided to put losses first so I can end my posts on a positive note) Hardly any exercise today but I'll try to get some in before beddies. The Husband threatened to eat three slices of cheesy bread out of 4 if I only ate one, so I had to eat two (to save him from himself). I could have had veggies with my lemon chicken but I had a baked potato.

Wins: Had grilled chicken~no pasta with alfredo sauce or breaded fish, which would have called to me a week ago. Also, when I was starting to feel full, I asked for a box for one of the grilled chicken breasts, which will make a nice topping for a salad tomorrow.

C’est la vie!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daily Check in #4


Weight to lose: 44

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 35, repeat... 20 walking, 15 weights & stretching

Wins: Only ate 4 Thin Mints in my despair of being put back to part time at work.

Losses: Oh crap!! I opened the Thin Mints...

C’est la vie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Check In #3


Had a pretty good day. Still need some stretching...

Weight to lose: 44

Calories consumed: 1050

Minutes of Exercise: 35~20 minute walk around the neighborhood, 15 weights and stretching

Wins: Good salad for dinner. We tried one of those Sargento salad kits, Bistro Chicken. Low calorie and really flavorful.

Losses: Had a few homemade and somewhat greasy tortilla chips that another department at work had for Cinco de Mayo. But ya gotta have a little grease in your diet or you can't poo...

Happened to catch myself in the mirror naked. Oh lord, I hope that doesn't happen again for a while!

C’est la vie!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Check in #2


Had a pretty good day. Let's see where I'm at now:

Weight to lose: 45

Must have lost a lot of water. That's never a bad thing, unless you're lost in the desert.

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 35

Walked around the block at work, 20 minutes. Too hot, though, so I may switch to evening around where I live. Weights and yoga, 15 minutes

Wins: Oi! I got into work and there was a special birthday breakfast for a co-worker. Honest to God, it looked like a convenience store! Bagels, cream cheese, mini cream cheese pastries, packaged pastry, cupcakes, fruit scones, Del Taco egg burritos. Holy Diet Nightmare, Batman! So what did I have? A plate full of fruit! Yeah, I'm that good.

Losses: Ok, a mini cream cheese pastry accosted me in a weak moment when I was coming in from my walk. And half a fruit scone jumped into my mouth on the way to the restroom.

C’est la vie!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daily Check In #1


Weight to lose: 46 lbs

Calories consumed: 1500?

Minutes of Exercise: 50: 35 walking DVD (Leslie Sansone) and 15 weights and yoga

Wins: Using the walking DVD again. The Husbands' back is better, so we'll start walking again tomorrow night and I might walk at work as well.

Losses: Too much junk food still at home calling to me. Didn't really plan out dinner tonight so probably ate too much

Went grocery shopping tonight and got lots of salad fixings and yogurt and waters.

The process continues...

C’est la vie!

The WW Alternative


I am dismayed and need to go public with my weight. Normally, I would go to Weight Watchers at this point in my Scale Wars but, the economy being what it is and me not convinced that at some point soon I will not be going back to part time at the Dreaded Day Job, WW is in the Luxury column right now. So, this blog will have to do.

I am a comfort eater and a stress eater and just a joyous, fill my face with food eater, lately. And not much of an exerciser, either, lately. Consequently, I am 46 pounds overweight on a 4’10” frame. My movement is impaired, I get tired easily and I feel generally unhealthy.

So, dear readers, you will be subjected to a Bridget Jones-style diary of the adventures of Mare’s Weight Loss.

Here is my Goal Skirt:

This kicky little skirt is my fave in all the world. I usually wore it with white tights and deep orange suede boots, with a variety of tight tops. I don’t think I can get one thigh in it right now… I’ve hung it in the bedroom to see every day and night.

You wouldn’t think eating less and moving more would be so hard to do. My intentions have been good but obviously the voices are fighting me. The little voice that says, oh, eat. It’s ok. You walk out to the kitchen to get the food-that's burning calories. You’re good! And the other voices, the Girl Scout Cookies voice, saying eat the whole sleeve of Thin Mints. The McD’s voice, whispering The Big Mac isn’t really THAT big. The chorus of foodie voices from my pantry, chanting Eat Me, Eat Me! No earplugs will silence them.

Only my own inner motivation will enable me to ignore the voices, since they will never be silenced. At my thinnest, they were still a little buzz in the back of my brain.

So, welcome to Mare C’s Diary. Here’s what I’ll be reporting each day:

Weight to lose:
Calories consumed:
Minutes of Exercise:

Maybe this will encourage you to report on your recently unattainable goal, be it weight loss, carving out creative time for yourself, going back to school, whatever.

Here is one of my favorite quotes to get us started:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow”.

C’est la vie!