Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I made a Halloween Artist Trading Card, intending to put it on Etsy. But I thought it was too cute to sell… So I made it into Halloween cards for the folks and friends. Maybe by next year, I’ll be able to actually make into something less lame than this year. I cut slits into blank cards and slipped copies of the ATC’s I’d printed into the slits, sort of like old fashioned photo albums. They weren’t my best work--working a full time job really cuts into my creativity time--but they got the message across. Here’s the ATC itself:

So, this week I’ll be reading my proposition book so I can vote with some knowledge of what the hell’s going on out there.

My alter ego, Bear Chick, put some really cool necklaces and a bracelet on Etsy today. I love how she counts the time it took to make a piece of jewelry by the tv shows she watched while she was working her magic!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ironman Leaves My Butt Chilled


If you were following my other blog late last year, you may recall The Husband and I going up in the balloon at Orange County’s proposed and slow growing Great Park. Well, here we are again, this time to see an outdoor showing of Ironman, complete with free parking, movie and popcorn. As we approached the Great Park area, we could see the balloon, with it’s Halloween face on. Somebody’s thinking and having fun doing so!

Folks hauled in their camp chairs, blankets and coolers and I have to say, the people around us were very considerate and made sure their kids were as well. The popcorn, popped on the premises, surprised the old taste buds by actually being very tasty and buttery. But here’s the kicker: It’s been 95 damn degrees for the last few weeks and suddenly, low and behold, the fall 50 degree weather arrives just in time for an outdoor movie! I swear, my butt was the coldest thing on me last night! How can that be, when I’m sitting on it and it’s getting the least cold air of anywhere on my person?? It must be some scientific thing. Maybe I’ll write to Mythbusters…

Anyway, we’d seen the movie in the theatre (the only one this summer, except for my chick flick outing a few weeks ago, scroll down to see Nights in Rodanthe) but this just sounded like fun. We both thought we were bundled up… Silly us. The Husband had the heater on in the car before he’d even closed the door!

If you haven’t seen Ironman, I recommend it but be warned there’s a lot of war stuff, which I wasn’t anticipating. Apparently, the original was written during the Vietnam era and that’s where Tony Stark did his thing. Aren’t we lucky to have a war going on now for the filmmakers to refer to. (Bitter, bitter, bitter. Sorry)

Anyway, the real reason to see this is for two of the best actors on the planet, Robert Downey, Jr. (I prayed for him when he was having his “troubles” because I didn’t want to see such a talent be extinguished so young) and Jeff Bridges (he of the malevolently shaved head). They’re both excellent in this and Robert Downey, Jr, even though he’s not stereotypically buff, is not hard to watch, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

C’est la vie!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hang Up Already or CA Cops, Where Are You???


First, let me say that cops have more pressing issues some days than pulling over some dufus on his or her phone. HOWEVER...

As of July 1, 2008, the fair and sunny state of California enacted a law saying folks can't drive and talk on their cell phone unless it's hands free (the cell, not the car...). We passed this law. It's a good law. It's a law that most definitely will save lives. During the first of the summer, I was happy to see that the majority of Californian's were adhering to the law. It amused me to see people talking to themselves a mile a minute in their cars. But recently The Husband and I have both noticed more people ignoring THE LAW, tooling along, driving like morons again. I saw a woman over the weekend stop where there was no stop sign, too busy talking on her hand held phone to actually watch what she was doing. I've seen people try to negotiate traffic one handed and watched the pissed off people who had to accommodate them...

Folks, driving with a hand held cell is DANGEROUS! Not to mention AGAINST THE FREAKIN' LAW! Is your phone call worth someone's life?? PAY ATTENTION to the road, since you're driving a multi-ton vehicle!

Cops, pull these people over! Besides letting these folks know that this is not permissible behavior, we can be raking in revenue for our poor, budget screwed state!

Steppin' down from the soap box now :-)

C’est la vie!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Plea for Voting--Bring Your Brain With You!


Ok, it's a little more than a month to that First Tuesday of November. I beg you, don't vote based only on TV commercials! Read your voters manuals. Understand the propositions. Break out the No Doze to stay awake and the magnifying glasses to read the fine print.

Remember, TV commercials are paid for by big money, who wants you to vote their way. Be aware of who is sponsoring commercials. QUESTION! If it sounds fishy, it probably is. If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is. Don't let BIG MONEY influence the way you vote. Take some time out of your life to examine what you're voting for or against. Yeah, yeah, I know we can sometimes feel like what we want in this country/government/scheme of things just doesn't matter but it does. We are the architects of our government and if we continue to vote in yahoo's and laws that discriminate against citizens and put money in the pockets of the folks who need it, and certainly deserve it, the least, we're going to be in worse trouble than we are right now, and I don't think even a Republican can disagree about the shitheap we're in right now.

Make me proud, kids! Wear your I Voted sticker with pride. It's amazing how those stupid stickers make me tear up. I'm not one for big shows of nationalism or patriotism but knowing that I've participated in the system gets me all verklempt. What can I say? I'm an old Girl Scout who gets emotional when she votes and angry when she sees a flag flying in tatters.

C'est la vie!