Wednesday, July 29, 2009

K-Earth Breakfast

Just a quicky with a couple of really bad pix.

In LA, K-Earth 101 is the premier oldies station, with DJ Charlie Tuna, a California staple for as long as I’ve been here (70’s). One of my co-workers at The Day Job won breakfast from the radio station, plus Antonio, who serenaded us with his guitar and some oldies but goodies.

First, Lori, the breakfast winner, called the station to record a conversation with Charlie Tuna. 12 or 15 of us stood around her desk. She had a handwritten sign on a file folder that said CLAP. When she held it up, we’d clap and cheer. Charlie asked her if she was in the middle of a coliseum! Pretty funny!

Around 11:45, Antonio and another friendly gentleman arrived with boxes of bagels, muffins and danish. I, the Slim Fast Diva, did not partake. Aren’t I self-satisfied… Did you notice I didn’t blog about weight loss this week? Groan… That’s for another day…

Anyway, Antonio started singing and he does have a lovely voice. People poured into the downstairs lunch room and scarfed all the foodie.

The president of the company happened to be out on the patio and when he came through the lunch room, had his picture taken with Antonio and Lori and declared it really good promotion for the company.

The highlight was a drawing for several free meal vouchers at El Torito restaurant. Here are some of the winners, among them (in the blue) my roommate, Trish.

It’s so much fun to have a break in the workday, especially when morale is so far in the toilet… So thanks to Lori and K-Earth 101 for some laughter, fun and goodies!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Checking In~One More Down


I kept to the plan this week and managed to lose another pound. I thought I was going to plateau but luckily, I actually lost. That’s the thing about weighing yourself every day. It makes you kind of crazy. Even though I make allowance for retaining water on hot days and my body just perversely holding onto weight for days at a time, it can be discouraging. But now that I’m really doing the weight loss thing, not just “trying”, I like to check in every morning. When I want to kick the scale across the room, I just take a deep breath, remind myself that I’m doing what I should be doing and the weight will eventually come off. Patience!!

I thought it was time this week to start tracking my measurements, so I pulled out the notebook from earlier this year. I was shocked to find that between January and June, I'd gained TEN pounds! Holy crap!!!!

Weight to lose: 42

Losses: Can’t think of anything I really messed up on this week except the half muffin I ate slice by little slice on Friday. Co-Workers brought in muffins, bagels, breakfast burritos and fruit for a birthday celebration for me and another person. I started out with only fruit but those dang muffins were tempting me all day. That’s ok, though, since I had a two mile walk home from work.

Wins: See above. Didn’t have a breakfast burrito, or TWO, like the last birthday celebration. Didn’t even have a bagel--they were as big as my face. I was happy with fruit.

Next weekend is my birthday. I’ve been planning some controlled cheating. Friday, I’m going to have pancakes for breakfast and probably something sweet and cold at the Orange County Fair. Then Saturday, the actual birth day, Panda Express, which is really fairly healthy eating and Cold Stone ice cream. Then Sunday I’ll be back to Slim Fast Divahood.

C’est la vie!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Had to Share This!


Don't ask me why but this just totally tickled me. You know how you click a link and then another and so on and so on. Well, I clicked a link to a Neil DeGrasse Tyson article on DNA in the Universe from Twitter. (I read his book on Pluto, he's really cool~no, I wasn't on Pluto, should have said about Pluto). Anyhow, this ad was on that website:

There's something about two hearts with eyeglasses that's kept me smiling all day!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Place to Bark


Yes, this is a repeat from my other blog. For all you folks with amazingly great taste who read both my blogs, sorry but this really bears repeating.

Just a quicky to promote a very worthy cause and an amazing artist whose blog inspired this post.

Here’s The Blog of Manon Doyle. She’s a Canadian import to Ohio and her artwork is simply bold, beautiful and brilliant. I’m sure her work is copyrighted so you’ll have to click to see it ;-)

Party Animals, a book contributed to by many mixed media artists and the proceeds go to A Place to Bark. What could be better~a great book with wicked cool artwork that helps dogs in need. You can buy it at Lulu, a books on demand kinda place, where they print to order.

A Place to Bark, Bernie Berlin’s animal sanctuary in Tennessee, rescues animals (cats, too) from high kill shelters, nurses them to health and facilitates adoptions. Read her success stories, dry your eyes and do what you can to help!

Checking In~Baby Steps


I felt good about my weight loss plan this week. I think my attitude has changed drastically and I can say no again to things that will put me off track. I hope this lasts a good long while. Maybe, like, forever…

I lost a pound. It sounds like nothing but I have to stay positive and remind myself it was better than zero. And really, a pound a week is a healthy loss. I see these commercials and ads expounding 20 pounds a week, ridiculous stuff like that. It’s so unhealthy! Even if you do lose a lot initially, bam! You gain it right back. So, better slow and steady. Just call me Tortuga!

Weight to lose: 43

Losses: Didn’t keep enough fruit in the house this week and I resorted to opening a box of Cheez-it’s last night The Husband brought into the house so he could send for the Star Trek shirt they’re offering on the back of the box…

Wins: Walked a lot this week. It got wicked hot this weekend but we walked Friday night. The Husband ended up working last night (he’s supposed to be on vacation--don’t get me started...) so I didn’t walk but we will tonight.

The George Foreman grill arrived yesterday. We were supposed to christen it last night… So tonight, we’ll have turkey cutlets. I really missed the old indoor grill we had and I found this one on a really good deal at Amazon. I think we can eat a lot better with a grill in the house. I worship my microwave but mostly use it for pre-packaged foods. I’d like to have more fresh stuff. Oh, I love this new way I’m thinking’!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Checking In~Progress


I’m sitting at my computer, drinking a vanilla diet shake. Later today, maybe around 11:30, I’ll have a Slim Fast diet bar. Then, as I’m hungry, I’ll have something meal-ish, like a Lean Cuisine or a ham on bagel sandwich, a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich and some other little things to round out around 1000 calories. So far, it’s been easy to maintain. I must truly be ready to do this thing called dieting.

Weight to lose: 44

Losses: I need to do more exercising. It got hot this weekend and, boy howdy, wasn’t that a good excuse to not do my walking DVD. The Husband worked late Friday and Saturday~did I go out to walk around the neighborhood once the day cooled off? Uh, no…

Wins: The Husband loves him some breakfast. It’s his favorite meal and he likes to go out. Me, I had my shake at home and got a Diet Coke at the evil FFR (Fast Food Restaurant).

Notes: I need to be patient. I was hoping for a bigger loss this first week but, honestly, two pounds is great. Hell of a lot better than 0 pounds. More exercise.

My flirty skirt awaits!

C’est la vie!