Monday, July 4, 2011

Rebel Without a Pause


So, instead of eating less, I’m eating more… I think I’m rebelling against myself. You know how you want something but you fight against yourself? I suppose that’s a good definition of addiction. For every thing I don’t bring into the house or eat at work, there’s something else I break down and eat. *sigh*

I keep praying and trying to eat the way I want to eat.

Negatives--screw them. They have no place here!

Didn’t buy little 500 calorie apple pies because it’s an American holiday and what better way to celebrate than Hostess apple pie?

Didn’t buy Target popcorn to bring home.

I’ll strive for more positives in the future. What actually worked for me was a habit I got into last fall, around the same time I was reading Bethanny Frankel’s book-here‘s what I was doing:
Breakfast-half a bagel and a schmear of peanut butter for protein 100 calories

Lunch-200 to 300 calorie frozen meal

2PM-100 calorie snack

Dinner-200 to 300 calories

Dessert-fruit and yogurt 200 calories

It was SO doable. I actually started losing weight, then the holidays hit… There have been holidays that I actually lost weight ‘cause I was that damn good. But last year I fell off the wagon and under the wheels… And I’ve been dragged by the wagon ever since.

This month, I turn 55. I’m so sick of this psycho yo yo crap! Am I still going to be shoveling cheese crackers with a Reese’s Piece’s chaser into my face when I’m 90? It’s sad to think that the only vestige of my personality to survive senility would be my eating obsession.

OK, end of rant. Thanks for listening…

If you need a picker upper of a movie, go see Larry Crowne. It’s a chick flik, no doubt about it, complete with fairly simple premise, sweetly eccentric characters (George Takei as a crazy brilliant economics teacher, a scooter gang and Cedric the Entertainer as a neighbor with a perpetual yard sale), lots of flirting, a little porno and the requisite happy ending. I love me some Tom Hanks!!

C’est la vie!