Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weight Watchers Thirteenth Week


I can’t believe I lost 1.6 pounds Christmas week! Cindy, our leader, was saying today that we can do everything right but our bodies just chug along, doing what they need to do. Sometimes the body will hold water to fight infections we never even know we have and other odd things we’re unaware of. Then, when the body considers it’s time to let all that go, BAM, you lose the weight you thought should have come off weeks ago!

Also, I was good as I could be this week, starting with Panda, which I told you about last post. We both had only bowls--The Husband didn’t even have spring rolls. Then we walked off the Hot Chocolate/Vanilla’s from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as we walked around, looking at lights (see my other blog: )

For the first time in 20+ years, all my co-workers except one (he gave us lotto scratchers) gave food gifts! Chocolate and cookies! Most of it is in my fridge to be eaten a piece at a time as the year goes on and some may even go to work with The Husband. Depends on how good I am… And the Jo-Jo’s (peppermint oreo’s from Trader Joe’s) haven’t even been opened yet! I think The Husband is under the Weight Watcher’s influence now. Also, I threatened to start weighing him once a week after the first of the year…

Hmmm… Christmas Day didn’t go quite as planned… The Husband looked at me at 10AM and said wistfully, I wish McDonald’s was open. And I had to admit that, yes, they actually were. So we got dressed in record time and zipped over to McD’s, heaven help us. I had pancakes without sausage but The Husband went wild with not just the deluxe breakfast but the BIG deluxe breakfast! I don’t know where he put it. Suffice to say, we didn’t eat dinner till after six, the Scottish meatloaves and maple roasted sweet potatoes, as planned, which was lovely and I managed to make The Husbands’ meatloaf bigger than mine, which made me feel less guilty for the evil Christmas Pancakes…

So, 11.2 altogether so far. My flirty skirt is getting closer!!

Do what makes you happy!!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weight Watchers Twelfth Week


I can’t believe I’m down another pound! That’s 9.6 altogether. Wow!

I really wanted to be back at Weight Watchers for the holidays so I could get through them without the ridiculous weight gains of years past. As I mentioned in my last post, work has been somewhat depressing with recent layoffs, etc., and there hasn’t been a whole lot of holiday-centric food around. Ahem, that was made up for this Friday. Kreighton, from Credit, brought in his annual French Toast and maple bacon breakfast. I was late coming in (had to get a fasting blood test) so I missed that but the smells were luscious. Then some vendor brought in bagels and donuts (the kind with frosting and sprinkles, dammit). AND we had a birthday breakfast for one of our co-workers. It was wall to wall food! I had a little bit of the eggs and turkey sausage my boss made (uber-protein, gotta be good, right??) and a lot of fruit. Oh, and about a fifth of one of those evil donuts. Yea, WW kept me on track.

Tomorrow, I have to eat light because in the evening, we’re going to Panda Express for chicken bowls, then we’re picking up hot chocolate (hot vanilla for The Husband) and going to our favorite outrageously lighted neighborhood. I figure walking around a mile or so there will work off the hot chocolate but I want to make sure I don’t over do with the rice…

Christmas was giving me fits about what to have for breakfast. This is awful~what we usually have for breakfast is a whole tube of the Dough Boy’s citrus rolls… That’s gotta be about a million calories. Walking through the grocery store today, I decided on a Weight Watcher loaded breakfast sandwich.

That should please The Husband, since they look full of eggs and other proteins, and I can be somewhat happy that I’ll be eating something less than a million calories… I’m already planning to eat only half my dinner (Scottish meatloaves-meatloaf mix formed around a peeled boiled egg-The Husband likes them on Christmas because he says it’s like opening another present). Not sure what I’ll do for dessert. Maybe something WW or maybe one of the little English mince pies we’ve got here at home. Suppose it will depend on how much exercise I get in that day, watching DVD’s on the tube…

So, Happy Holidays to all!! Do what makes you happy!!

C’est la vie!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weight Watchers Eleventh Week


Ta da! Down .6. I caught up with last week’s loss on my scale. Hooray! And lost a bit in the measurement department as well.

I’ve worn my new red top twice and felt quite lovely, thank you…

I experienced an unintentional lapse yesterday. After my Bead Society meeting, I went out with my beady friends, Barbara and Marilu, to The Olde Ship in Santa Ana. It’s a British pub style restaurant with the best mashed potatoes in the galaxy. Anyway, I ordered a crab sandwich without asking how it was prepared. I was thinking it would be like a lobster roll, with big chunks of crab. Instead, it was crab salad. Oops! So I ate half, plus the cole slaw, and brought the other half home to an appreciative Husband. I didn’t eat a whole lot the rest of the day--besides being filled with evil salad dressing, the half I ate was huge and filling--and I tried to do a little more exercising than usual. Guess it worked.

It’s funny that the topic at WW’s today was lapses. Talking about how you can use a lapse as an excuse to continue out-of-control eating or you can bounce back and get right back to program. Happy to see I chose the latter.

Work is so depressing right now, after the recent layoffs, no one’s mentioned a Christmas potluck. But I have my strategy in place if there is one--in the past, I’ve brought my own sandwich or eaten a frozen meal before going in, so I won’t be tempted to go through the line and fill a plate. We’ll see if anyone has enough holiday spirit to organize one…

C’est la vie!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weight Watchers Tenth Week


Can you say Plateau? So disappointed this morning with no loss. But then again, no gain. BUT, my scale said another pound lost and a bit of loss in the inches… So, I guess it’s all good and I shouldn’t kvetch.

I went to a sale at Kohl’s yesterday. Are there any days when there aren’t sales at Kohls?? Anyway, I found a beautiful red knit long sleeved baby doll top that actually fit me and I really loved it, so I got it. It will be great for the holidays. I have to tell ya, though, I was getting discouraged as I roamed around Kohl’s. The really cute things in the fashionable departments aren’t fitting yet and the stuff that did fit was shapeless and made me feel like a freakin’ old lady. So when I found this top and it fit and was on sale to boot, I was pretty happy.

I know I’ve come a long way (9 pounds on mi casa scale…) but I have so much farther to go. *sigh* Think I’ll make me some WW ala Mare pizza to salve my no-loss-this-week wounds.

C’est la vie!