Saturday, September 26, 2009

No Tittering Please!


Tomorrow morning, I’m getting in my car and driving to my first Weight Watchers meeting in far too long. I signed up for the monthly pass (which is on a one month free promotion) tonight. I’m desperate to not be this weight anymore. My bulging tummy and butt are pleading for a bigger size and I refuse to buy bigger clothes. I’ve already broken down and bought some cheap, “until I lose the weight” clothes at Walmart. Do you know what it’s like running around in clothes that are supposed to be temporary? They’re never stylish because, after all, they’re meant to be hiding the bulk. So, if I don’t want to go to work nekked, I gotta get my big butt in gear and start losing.

Losing weight is so wonderful. It’s such a relief to feel your clothes getting loose. I want that feeling again and I think I’m really ready to forgo cake and burgers and anything else with too much fat or sugar. I want to make eating right a way of life. I know, I know, I’ve been this route before but not at this age. I’m reading Second Spring by Dr. Mao and realizing the changes in my body and metabolism is really eye opening.

With this monthly pass, besides going to all the meetings you want to, you also get to use the etools on the Weight Watchers site. I’ve put a lot of my info in and I also signed up for the 30 Minute a Day exercise challenge, which I really need.

So, wish me luck and if you’re on the Weight Watchers forums, I’m Bearchick25.

C’est la vie!


Sarah Ailes said...

Hi Mary! My mom and I are on Weight Watchers, and I just hit my goal weight (after 17 months!). We've both lost about 40 pounds. I'm sure you'll do great on the program. :)

Bear Chick said...

Wow, that's great, Sarah! And thanks for the encouragement!