Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hector is Sad!


Well, dang, it’s been a long time since I wrote here. The Day Job is getting busy and I’ve been running around, just like everybody else, getting ready for Christmas.

However the house is not decorated with one candy cane, stocking or iota of tinsel.

And this is why Hector is sad.

Here is Hector

Hector is a big, furry hand puppet given to me by my best friend, Zan, when I left the East Coast for the Wild West. Hector sat on the front seat of our station wagon, between my mother and I, on our journey to Cali. Ever after, his chief function became as our tree topper at Christmas. Anybody can have a feathery winged angel or shiny star. We have Hector and his Evergreen Enema.

But without a tree this year, Hector is sad.

Think good thoughts for Hector. Maybe he’ll get a tree after all. It’s all the poor little guy wants *sniff*.

C’est la vie!

1 comment:

zan said...

I LOVE that you still have Hector! And may I say he is looking well - aging quite gracefully. But get him a branch to stick up his bum - I hate to see him sad, especially at Christmas :(