Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's on Mare's Cell Phone?


I had a lovely day to wander my favorite mall and generally goof around last Saturday. When I first moved to California, my mother and I lived within walking distance of South Coast Plaza, a very upscale mall. At that time, the Sunflower Ave. area was made up of a few apartment complexes, flat fields and the one mall, plus The Village, which was filled with cool shops and boutiques, many with one of a kind items and crafts. Now, it's all condos and strip malls and The Village has lost it's sweet allure. What used to be the Crystal Court, a smaller mall across from the main South Coast Plaza, is now connected to the Mother Mall with an umbilical bridge across Bear Street and carries the same name, SCP.

But still, I always like to go there around the holidays to see the decorations and people watch. This year, I had to go early and luckily, the giant Santa Claus tree was already erected in all it's splendor. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how low my camera charge was but I did get this one great picture.

This tree is smack in the middle of the mall and goes up three stories! A little train big enough for small passengers runs around the trunk on the ground floor and the little kids and their parents and grandparents seem to love it. It's a shame you can't see more of this tree--it's full of huge ornaments and there's a Santa on each side. Having this on my phone will give me a lift all season long!

The Husband has a friend who calls him Grumpy. Don't ask me why, he's very seldom in a bad mood. Perhaps it's his reaction to her??? Anyway, it's given him a thing for Grumpy now. He saw this t-shirt at Wal-Mart and had to take a picture to send me. Not only is it Grumpy, it's also filled with "Bah, Humbug"s. He's played Scrooge at Knott's since the 80's, so if this hadn't been a women's shirt (why a woman would wear this, I have no idea...) he would have snapped it up in a flash.

So, me and my cell are all set for the Holidays!

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