Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Meme 9


Day 09 - Best scene ever

I don't know if this is the Best Scene Ever but it's certainly stuck with me for 35 years!

If memory serves, it takes place in the first few chapters of Stephen King's Salems Lot. Danny Glick's brother died under mysterious circumstances. In his room a few nights later, Danny sees his brother OUTSIDE his bedroom window--ON THE SECOND FLOOR!

'k, this creeped me out when I read it. But now, when I catch a glimpse of myself in a night-darkened window when I'm not expecting to--I jump 3 feet! And the fact that I can still remember the character's name after all these years-yeah, best scene, definitely!

PS-yeah, I know I missed Day 8... It’s coming soon…

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