Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Meme 11


Day 11 - A book that disappointed you

Oh, that would have to be The Big Steal by Emyl Jenkins. Her first book was really good and I liked the lead character, Sterling Glass, who is a woman of a certain age. I feel bad dissing this book because the author wrote me a very nice email, telling me that this book was delayed because she'd lost her mother-in-law, who was a dear friend, and she was having a hard time dealing with her loss. But this book, although it had some memorable scenes, seemed to ramble and Sterling didn't have the same verve as in the first book. There wasn't a satisfying ending and we were left with lots of loose ends.

Here's something I should have used for a previous Meme--a plot device I find irritating. Sterling has two gentlemen love interests. Too many books do this (and tv shows) (and movies). Love triangles pretty much are set ups for failure. If a choice is ever actually made, there's always the nagging doubts, which are just plain boring… And sometimes when a choice is made, the writer (be they book, tv or movie) just doesn't know what to do with the characters then. I really do prefer a character in a good relationship from the get go. But I digress.

Anyway, I'm hoping there'll be a third book in this series because I know there's lots of potential for this character and her antiques business. I will definitely be there, cheering her on.

C’est la vie!

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