Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finnegan, Begin Again…


Why is it that when you start a weight loss campaign, you immediately gain weight?? I know, I know, I’m impatient… The first time I weighed myself after starting to count calories, I’d gained a dang pound. *sigh*

So, I need to reiterate my first three rules:

1. No eating after 7:30
2. Walking every day
3. Just say no.

I haven’t done badly at the eating after 7:30--maybe some fruit or a couple of hard candies. Walking… I did dig out my walking DVD and did a three mile Thursday night. A good start. The Husband is working late six nights out of the coming 8, so I’ll do it as many times as I can (hopefully six!).

Saying no… I’ve been playing head games with that one. Pie at work--I can have a small piece if I forgo the 100 calorie pudding I brought for a snack. Let’s see--the pie, even a small piece, is probably 300 to 500 calories. But do I run those figures when I’m saying, oh yeah, cut me a slice??

I need to sit down and read through Bethanny Frankel’s Naturally Thin, again. It helped me last year and it can help me again. Her advice is very down to earth and soooo doable. But like anything else that deals with addiction, you need to have it in front of you often, so you don’t forget you have a problem. That’s what AA is based on--constantly reminding yourself that you have a problem so you don’t start acting like you don’t have a problem…

Ah, well… On the creative front, I finished an open round chainmaille bracelet and worked on a new chain necklace. The necklace I have to tweak a little, shortening the length of a couple of strands. But it felt good to be working on jewelry. Lately, I haven’t been very inspired. But learning that open round weave got me working again! And today I took a class at the Bead Society where we made a fabric flower and embellished it with beads, chain and a pendant. Fun!

C’est la vie!

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