Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did You Miss Moi??


Yeah, so, ‘k. It’s been a while… And I think all I’ve done since my last post is eat…

I’ve been reading Chris Powell’s AOL blogs and he’s been talking about declaring your SMART goals. They must be measurable and time sensitive. So, here goes: I want to weigh 105 pounds by Christmas. No, I haven’t weighed myself today. I’ve been on vacation and The Husband has been a very bad influence (Yeah, that’s it! Blame The Husband!) I will weigh myself this weekend, in the pathetic hope that I can redeem myself tomorrow and Friday, perhaps losing what I must have gained over the last debauched week…

The Husband also wants to lose weight and be generally healthier, so I’ll chronicle us both but I’ll concentrate on my details mostly. Since I can’t be with him every minute, he’s on the honor system and naturally, responsible for his own eating. I can only try to keep us on the straight and narrow here at home…

Here are our official Before pictures:

Big face, big legs, just big big big!

Big belly is what The Husband needs to work on.

So, here are the first two Carter’s Rules for Healthier Living:

1) No eating after 7:30

Totally doable! We’ve been practicing this for a while (ok, we slipped a bit during vacation, but tomorrow we’re back to it)

2) Walking every day.

We used to walk every day. Some days we’d be up at the crack of dawn, bundled up to our eyeballs, walking at 6:30AM! Hmmm… Somehow got out of that habit and it shows. Back to it!

One thing I’ve been doing lately in the name of healthier eating is substituting Greek Yogurt for mayonnaise. Yum! I use it in tuna salad with relish~it actually gives the flavor a little tang and reduces the fat content by tons. Try it!

So, enough of this healthy stuff! The Husband and I went to see the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. Right up my alley, oui?! I loved it! Naturally, the backdrop of Paris is amazing~the first five minutes of the film is a valentine to the city, ambling through the familiar and the common, from day to night. LOVELY! But the story is also wonderful, with the Jazz Age and all it’s wonderful characters, as a lesson in finding our bliss. It’s definitely one I want to own on DVD!

I’ll try to write every day but… You know how that goes. But I do believe that you do what you concentrate on and lately my concentration has been AWOL, in a lot of aspects of my life. And that’s why I’m such a mess lately. So, watch this space and let’s see how I do!

C’est la vie!

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