Sunday, July 5, 2009

Checking In~Progress


I’m sitting at my computer, drinking a vanilla diet shake. Later today, maybe around 11:30, I’ll have a Slim Fast diet bar. Then, as I’m hungry, I’ll have something meal-ish, like a Lean Cuisine or a ham on bagel sandwich, a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich and some other little things to round out around 1000 calories. So far, it’s been easy to maintain. I must truly be ready to do this thing called dieting.

Weight to lose: 44

Losses: I need to do more exercising. It got hot this weekend and, boy howdy, wasn’t that a good excuse to not do my walking DVD. The Husband worked late Friday and Saturday~did I go out to walk around the neighborhood once the day cooled off? Uh, no…

Wins: The Husband loves him some breakfast. It’s his favorite meal and he likes to go out. Me, I had my shake at home and got a Diet Coke at the evil FFR (Fast Food Restaurant).

Notes: I need to be patient. I was hoping for a bigger loss this first week but, honestly, two pounds is great. Hell of a lot better than 0 pounds. More exercise.

My flirty skirt awaits!

C’est la vie!

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