Sunday, July 12, 2009

Checking In~Baby Steps


I felt good about my weight loss plan this week. I think my attitude has changed drastically and I can say no again to things that will put me off track. I hope this lasts a good long while. Maybe, like, forever…

I lost a pound. It sounds like nothing but I have to stay positive and remind myself it was better than zero. And really, a pound a week is a healthy loss. I see these commercials and ads expounding 20 pounds a week, ridiculous stuff like that. It’s so unhealthy! Even if you do lose a lot initially, bam! You gain it right back. So, better slow and steady. Just call me Tortuga!

Weight to lose: 43

Losses: Didn’t keep enough fruit in the house this week and I resorted to opening a box of Cheez-it’s last night The Husband brought into the house so he could send for the Star Trek shirt they’re offering on the back of the box…

Wins: Walked a lot this week. It got wicked hot this weekend but we walked Friday night. The Husband ended up working last night (he’s supposed to be on vacation--don’t get me started...) so I didn’t walk but we will tonight.

The George Foreman grill arrived yesterday. We were supposed to christen it last night… So tonight, we’ll have turkey cutlets. I really missed the old indoor grill we had and I found this one on a really good deal at Amazon. I think we can eat a lot better with a grill in the house. I worship my microwave but mostly use it for pre-packaged foods. I’d like to have more fresh stuff. Oh, I love this new way I’m thinking’!

C’est la vie!

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