Sunday, July 19, 2009

Checking In~One More Down


I kept to the plan this week and managed to lose another pound. I thought I was going to plateau but luckily, I actually lost. That’s the thing about weighing yourself every day. It makes you kind of crazy. Even though I make allowance for retaining water on hot days and my body just perversely holding onto weight for days at a time, it can be discouraging. But now that I’m really doing the weight loss thing, not just “trying”, I like to check in every morning. When I want to kick the scale across the room, I just take a deep breath, remind myself that I’m doing what I should be doing and the weight will eventually come off. Patience!!

I thought it was time this week to start tracking my measurements, so I pulled out the notebook from earlier this year. I was shocked to find that between January and June, I'd gained TEN pounds! Holy crap!!!!

Weight to lose: 42

Losses: Can’t think of anything I really messed up on this week except the half muffin I ate slice by little slice on Friday. Co-Workers brought in muffins, bagels, breakfast burritos and fruit for a birthday celebration for me and another person. I started out with only fruit but those dang muffins were tempting me all day. That’s ok, though, since I had a two mile walk home from work.

Wins: See above. Didn’t have a breakfast burrito, or TWO, like the last birthday celebration. Didn’t even have a bagel--they were as big as my face. I was happy with fruit.

Next weekend is my birthday. I’ve been planning some controlled cheating. Friday, I’m going to have pancakes for breakfast and probably something sweet and cold at the Orange County Fair. Then Saturday, the actual birth day, Panda Express, which is really fairly healthy eating and Cold Stone ice cream. Then Sunday I’ll be back to Slim Fast Divahood.

C’est la vie!

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