Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weight Watchers Eleventh Week


Ta da! Down .6. I caught up with last week’s loss on my scale. Hooray! And lost a bit in the measurement department as well.

I’ve worn my new red top twice and felt quite lovely, thank you…

I experienced an unintentional lapse yesterday. After my Bead Society meeting, I went out with my beady friends, Barbara and Marilu, to The Olde Ship in Santa Ana. It’s a British pub style restaurant with the best mashed potatoes in the galaxy. Anyway, I ordered a crab sandwich without asking how it was prepared. I was thinking it would be like a lobster roll, with big chunks of crab. Instead, it was crab salad. Oops! So I ate half, plus the cole slaw, and brought the other half home to an appreciative Husband. I didn’t eat a whole lot the rest of the day--besides being filled with evil salad dressing, the half I ate was huge and filling--and I tried to do a little more exercising than usual. Guess it worked.

It’s funny that the topic at WW’s today was lapses. Talking about how you can use a lapse as an excuse to continue out-of-control eating or you can bounce back and get right back to program. Happy to see I chose the latter.

Work is so depressing right now, after the recent layoffs, no one’s mentioned a Christmas potluck. But I have my strategy in place if there is one--in the past, I’ve brought my own sandwich or eaten a frozen meal before going in, so I won’t be tempted to go through the line and fill a plate. We’ll see if anyone has enough holiday spirit to organize one…

C’est la vie!

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