Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weight Watchers Thirteenth Week


I can’t believe I lost 1.6 pounds Christmas week! Cindy, our leader, was saying today that we can do everything right but our bodies just chug along, doing what they need to do. Sometimes the body will hold water to fight infections we never even know we have and other odd things we’re unaware of. Then, when the body considers it’s time to let all that go, BAM, you lose the weight you thought should have come off weeks ago!

Also, I was good as I could be this week, starting with Panda, which I told you about last post. We both had only bowls--The Husband didn’t even have spring rolls. Then we walked off the Hot Chocolate/Vanilla’s from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as we walked around, looking at lights (see my other blog: )

For the first time in 20+ years, all my co-workers except one (he gave us lotto scratchers) gave food gifts! Chocolate and cookies! Most of it is in my fridge to be eaten a piece at a time as the year goes on and some may even go to work with The Husband. Depends on how good I am… And the Jo-Jo’s (peppermint oreo’s from Trader Joe’s) haven’t even been opened yet! I think The Husband is under the Weight Watcher’s influence now. Also, I threatened to start weighing him once a week after the first of the year…

Hmmm… Christmas Day didn’t go quite as planned… The Husband looked at me at 10AM and said wistfully, I wish McDonald’s was open. And I had to admit that, yes, they actually were. So we got dressed in record time and zipped over to McD’s, heaven help us. I had pancakes without sausage but The Husband went wild with not just the deluxe breakfast but the BIG deluxe breakfast! I don’t know where he put it. Suffice to say, we didn’t eat dinner till after six, the Scottish meatloaves and maple roasted sweet potatoes, as planned, which was lovely and I managed to make The Husbands’ meatloaf bigger than mine, which made me feel less guilty for the evil Christmas Pancakes…

So, 11.2 altogether so far. My flirty skirt is getting closer!!

Do what makes you happy!!

C’est la vie!

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