Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mare’s Excellent Weekend


I had an event filled weekend. Met some friends for our Bead Society meeting on Saturday morning. We’re dark in July so some folks I hadn’t seen all summer. It was good to see people I have so much in common with, who I’ve known for 4 or 5 years. Had lunch with my friend, Anneliese, and we exchanged presents we’d bought each other in our summer travels. She gave me a couple of really big cool buttons made of white pearly beads and some peace symbols destined to be earrings. I’d gotten her a nail file with polar bears on it from Sea World.

Went home and goofed with The Husband for a while, before heading out for my friend Shannon’s 40th birthday party. She’d decided on a Tahitian theme and our friend Trish’s boyfriend, Tony, catered and provided the entertainment. We’re the ones at a party usually imitating the wallpaper but last night, we chatted with Shannon’s next door neighbors, who informed us that Oregon is much hotter than So Cal. Who knew?! I also got to eat dinner with an old friend who used to work with us, Lucy. She’s the nicest person you’d ever want to meet. I always strive to be like her because she’s always cheerful and sees the best in people. To Mare-the-Cynic, this is alien thought. Anyway, after dinner came the entertainment. Trish’s daughter, Noe, and several other folks who do competitive Hawaiian dancing came with their band and danced for us. Unfortunately, our little digital camera and The Husband’s camera phone didn’t do such a great job in the twilight but here’s a pic or two.

They were great-so much fun to watch and listen to-and they even got me up and dancing (I use that term lightly!). Too bad it was too dark by then for The Husband to record that for posterity (NOT!).

The dinner was yummy and the cake yummier! The Husband got to try a Hawaiian delicacy called a Spam Sandwich. No, really… Apparently in Hawaii, spam is a big thing. The Spam Sandwich is something like a California Roll with spam instead of sushi. So… A good time was had by all!

This morning, we were awakened by our organic alarm clock, Luna, the neighborhood cat, a little after 7. I needed to trim our bougainvillea, which was about to take over the neighbors yard and Happy Plant, a snail plant, that covers the side of our carport. Both these plants started life at Casa Carter as tiny green sprouts in little containers. Now they’re monsters from Planet Green-Invaders and I did valiant battle with them. Three garbage bags later, my legs and shoulders ached and I DESERVED a Big Mac.

So that’s my weekend. I feel a rant coming on. Or rather a dazzling essay on why health insurance is so bloody expensive and how I seem to be an unwitting culprit… Till then…

C’est la vie!

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