Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Rant on Red Light Runners, Damn Them!


Today I’m going to rant about red light runners. What’s their problem??!!?? Sometimes I’m waiting for a light to go green and then I have to sit and watch while as many as FOUR cars keep going through a RED turn filter. Studies have shown that red light runners aren’t showing rage or frustration--they’re just “in a hurry”. Well, for God’s sake, leave earlier or just be late!

Here’s a web site and organization that could use your help, if only by signing their federal petition to make the roads safer.

I read the article in Ladies Home Journal (believe me, they were preaching to the choir) and was shocked to find that most people who cause fatal traffic accidents by running red lights get a FINE and that’s ALL. What?!? This is reminiscent of the Mother’s Against Drunk Driving campaign years ago that finally brought America to it’s senses about bringing consequences to drunks who kill people by driving their cars while they’re absolutely freakin’ senseless. With red light runners, they have even less of an excuse than drunks!

Please sign the petition and get yourself some free bumper stickers while you’re at it. And quit runnin’ red lights!

C’est la vie!

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