Sunday, September 28, 2008

Movie Stuff


First the sad stuff: RIP Paul Newman. There hasn’t been a time in my life that I haven’t been aware of Paul Newman. He’s always been there. This blows.

Thoughts/Other Stuff:

The first time I went to see Butch Cassidy, (if you’ll remember, it starts out in black & white/sepia), I remember some woman in front of me saying, totally out loud, “You mean we don’t get to see his blue eyes?!”

He wasn’t one of those Look at ME kind of actors. I always read that he was somewhat shy and didn’t like to make personal appearances except for political or charitable causes.

A few weeks ago, I read a headline on AOL or somewhere, saying what would happen to his Newman’s Own brand/logo if he passed away. Well, they still use the Colonel and Orville Reddenbacher extensively and wouldn’t it be a good thing to keep Paul Newman on the Newman’s Own brand since it’s not just marketing, but the spirit of his altruistic nature?

I believe he married Joanne Woodward in 1958. I can’t even imagine the loss she must be feeling. Ah, life is so hard, knowing that eventually we lose the ones we love. Or have to say goodbye to our loved ones and go on before them. The Husband and I have her in our hearts.

Which leads me to my other Movie Stuff (hope that wasn’t a *spoiler*).

Went to see Nights in Rodanthe today because I want to BE Diane Lane. She’s so classy and natural and I love her in chick flicks (my DVD of Under the Tuscan Sun is much used). If for nothing else, you must see this film for the inn that her character is hotel-sitting for. I love color and antiques and shiny things and this house, sitting right on the beach, in the waves, magnificently blends all those things. I must do my homework and see if this place existed or was built for the film. The story is good, with a comfortable ending (notice I don’t say happy, in the traditional chick flick sense) and lovely performances. I like Richard Gere, most particularly, of his later movies, in Runaway Bride and I have to say, he is gorgeous in this film. Why is it men get better looking with age and us chicks have to work so hard to retain our chick status??? So NOT FAIR!

So I recommend Nights in Rodanthe, but bring a small supply of Kleenex.

C’est la vie!

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