Monday, October 6, 2008

Hang Up Already or CA Cops, Where Are You???


First, let me say that cops have more pressing issues some days than pulling over some dufus on his or her phone. HOWEVER...

As of July 1, 2008, the fair and sunny state of California enacted a law saying folks can't drive and talk on their cell phone unless it's hands free (the cell, not the car...). We passed this law. It's a good law. It's a law that most definitely will save lives. During the first of the summer, I was happy to see that the majority of Californian's were adhering to the law. It amused me to see people talking to themselves a mile a minute in their cars. But recently The Husband and I have both noticed more people ignoring THE LAW, tooling along, driving like morons again. I saw a woman over the weekend stop where there was no stop sign, too busy talking on her hand held phone to actually watch what she was doing. I've seen people try to negotiate traffic one handed and watched the pissed off people who had to accommodate them...

Folks, driving with a hand held cell is DANGEROUS! Not to mention AGAINST THE FREAKIN' LAW! Is your phone call worth someone's life?? PAY ATTENTION to the road, since you're driving a multi-ton vehicle!

Cops, pull these people over! Besides letting these folks know that this is not permissible behavior, we can be raking in revenue for our poor, budget screwed state!

Steppin' down from the soap box now :-)

C’est la vie!

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