Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I Learned from the Fire

I don’t know that these pix are the most focused but you can see my rose bushes with spider webs filled with huge black and gray ash over a week later.

One thing I learned: My department at the Day Job needs an emergency contact list, which I’m in the middle of creating. We didn’t have a lot of people’s cell phones and would like to have gotten hold of folks to make sure they were ok.

Another Thing: We should have made a list of things we’d grab in an emergency BEFORE the emergency. Several days later, to my horror, I realized I would have left behind the thing I’d always said I would grab first after The Husband and The Cats--the Grandma Remembers book that my grandmother created for me over 20 years ago. It has family pictures I could never duplicate and it’s done completely in my grandmother’s handwriting.

The Last Thing: There were so few things I felt were important enough to save. Why do we have all this crap cluttering our house?? So much stuff… Changes are gonna come. Goodwill may run out of room!

C’est la vie!

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