Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's on Mare's Phone?


Monday, The Husband and I went to Sea World for the last time on our current annual pass. It'll be a while till we get another... The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the park wasn't crowded at all, which made it easy to gaze at our faves, the polar bears and manatees.

So, here's what's on my phone. One is wallpaper, the other screensaver.

The Husband loved this cow, for some reason. It talks, saying things like, I'm a Jersey Cow. It's right across from the flamingoes.

You don't need kids to walk around the newish Sesame Street kids area. The stuff I'm standing on is squishy and soft. Wish they made that for flooring. I'd love it in my living room!

The rest of our vacation has been about cleaning and recycling. We're off to recycle a bunch of dead electronics that have been cluttering the house and storage for waaaayyyy toooo long. One is the VCR we bought with some wedding money in 1980! It's a beasty - top loading and weighs about a 1000 pounds. No, really...

C'est la vie!

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