Friday, February 20, 2009

My Mind's Eye


I've been reading an Italian mystery series for a while now. They're written by Andrea Camilleri and the main character is a grouchy but brilliant Sicilian police officer named Inspector Salvo Montalbano. He gets away with all kinds of things I wouldn't put up with in real life. But he's also got a gruff charm and a soft spot for old ladies and good food, so he's got an odd kind of behavioral balance.

I highly recommend these books, as much for the Sicilian atmosphere as the varied cast of characters in the Vigata police department.

Anyway, you know how you see a character in your mind's eye? Well, I saw a rather grumpy Remington Steele, tall and slender with classical features. Yesterday I found out that the books have been turned into a TV series in Italy (and apparently they're big in Australia...). So I Google Imaged "Inspector Montalbano", expecting to see an Italian derivative of Pierce Brosnan.

But this is what I got!

Yikes! They certainly came up with a much different image of Montalbano than I had.

Just had to share...

ps~his name is Luca Zingaretti and he actually looks quite engaging when he smiles!

C’est la vie!

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Anonymous said...

You romantic, you! I had to laugh at the difference between your vision of the character Montalbano and the actual actor playing him!! I much prefer your version :)