Saturday, February 7, 2009

Psycho Hair!


No, my hair's not psycho. I'm psycho about my hair.

Right now, it's really long. Almost down to my waist. When I get a little crazed with life, the first thing I want to do is cut my hair. Anyone else?? It's the easiest thing to change about myself. Hey presto and you suddenly look so different! Nearly crashing cars, admiring the new 'do in the rearview.

But then reality sets in and my long locks aren't there anymore to throw over my shoulder. I really like my hair long. It feels feminine and rich. So I don't really want to cut it.

But I just don't take good enough care of it. It's lank and doesn't hold a curl for longer than a breath or two. So I stop curling it. It lays along my back like a mess of red/brown jungle fur.

But it's so versatile to have it long--pony tails, pigtails, pull it back, pin it up. Barretts, head bands, scrunchies.

But it's so hot in the summer that I have to wear it back and up off my neck.

But when I get chilly in the winter, it's like a big, warm blanket.

I'd like to let the gray grow out but it's not gray enough. There's just enough gray to make me look old.

But, the last time I colored it, I held up my bangs to see how much gray there was and along the hairline, there's a lot. And it's really light. And I look awful as a blond. So maybe the letting the hair go gray thing needs to be rethunk.

Psycho? You betcha!

C'est la vie!

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