Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Twitter Dilemma


Twitter, for those of you who don't do the social e-networking thing, is a website where you write little mini-blogs, basically saying what you're doing, dishing with friends, throwing in links to your latest item for sale or blog entry, whatever comes into your mind. It's fun and somewhat addicting, reading the highlights and lowlights of peoples lives and seeing what they're up to in their work lives. I follow Brent Spiner and Levar Burton from Star Trek: Next Generation. Just had to throw that in to impress y'all.

Anyway, here's my dilemma. The best way to Twitter is to be jumping on all day, presenting little bits of your life for the enjoyment of all cyberdom. Then when you throw in the occasional link to something you want people to buy or read so they might be tempted to buy, it doesn't look like you're just there to sell. Also, I understand it's somewhat rude to jump on, write a bunch of twits in a row, then jump back off.

I can do the every once in a while all day thing on the weekends, but my Evil Employer blocks most of the social networking sites, so I'm stuck Twittering in the evening, between cooking dinner, making jewelry, playing with cats and husband, showering, basically doing the LIVING thing. During the week, I get on later in the evening (the first chance I get) and I'll write something, then look at new followers or go to some of my favorite Twitterers and see what they've been doing all day, then go back and write something else, maybe with a link to ArtFire, Etsy or my blogs, piddle around some more, then write a little something else. It's not really the best way to Twitter, I must say. But it's the best I can do at this point. I'm thankful to have a full time job so I really can't complain.

At some point, the Evil Employer may put me back to part time. That was the plan last summer when they bumped me to full time again after smacking me down to part time last spring~I'd be full time during a bunch of projects they needed warm bodies for. The projects are taking longer than expected (yeah, more money in the bank for me!) and there are more projects coming up after those. So I don't know when (or if) I'll be going back to part time. If I do get smacked down again, I promise I'll be a much better Tweeter. But while I can still work full time, I hope my fellow Twits will have patience with me and my limited Tweeting time. Please don't think I'm a hit and run Twitterer! Doin' the best I can here!

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