Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight Watchers Fourteenth Week


I’m not gonna tell you how much I gained and you can’t make me! Stupid scale…

My weight went up and down all week. I still have a little stomach bug but I also had a barrel of Poppycock my “thoughtful” husband gave me that I’ve nibbled too much on. Damn!

Today I had a breakfast burrito at Del Taco and a scoop of Baskin Robbins Winter Mint ice cream. One and a half Italian sausage-stuffed peppers is calling my name from the fridge. And all the little Poppycock voices are still calling to me (they get transported to work tomorrow!).

So, it’s time to rededicate myself to this weight loss journey. Back to eating only what I’ve written down and nothing more. Back to saying no to everything but fruit at potlucks at work. Back to remembering that I can’t eat everything I want. Today was controlled cheating with a touch of tick-offed-ness. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta let go. But only for today!

Here’s a cell phone photo of me and Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes poster. We went to see the movie right after WW--I’m sure Conan Doyle prefers Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone, but RDJ’s Sherlock is a fun, updated little romp.

So, back to strict program tomorrow. What I need to work on this week is bringing new things to the program. I’ve gotten into a rut and need some new “good” choices.

Do what makes you happy!!

C’est la vie!

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