Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weight Watchers 24th Week


Junk out of the house and walking 5 nights out of 7 paid off. Lost 2 pounds! If I lose at least another .6 next week, I’ll be officially 20 pounds down and I can go get my $20 Golden Spoon gift card.

I’ve got another 25 pounds to lose… Sometimes I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere but I know, from the way my clothes fit and the fact that I’ve bought a few pieces lately that fit better than my old clothes, that I’ve made tremendous progress.

I’ve been watching the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution show. He’s really interesting but more than anything, he’s showing us how much we delude ourselves by thinking that what we eat is ok. The town he’s filming in was actually feeding their children pizza for breakfast in the schools!! I mean, really?? Cold pizza for breakfast as a teenager (or older…) was yummy and kinda sinful, but to have it condoned by the folks who should be watching out for kids! Cripes! I’m hoping this show will really inspire me to eat better.

That being said, I splurged this morning on some expensive Weight Watcher snacks, that should last me a couple of weeks.

I really want to start eliminating foods with ingredients I can’t pronounce (see above boxes…). I mean, what the hell is fructooligosaccharides???? Ah, it’s a process. More fruit, less fructooligosaccharides!

Ps--I swear I didn’t make up that long, ridiculous word!

C’est la vie!

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