Sunday, May 2, 2010

Almost Back to Square One

This year, I’ve been down .4 of a pound lighter than I am today. Weight loss this time around is so damn difficult. *big sigh* Do we get less committed as we get older? Less willing to sacrifice the double chocolate covered peanuts for the salad bar? *another big sigh*

Well, this week I really rededicated myself to eating within my points limit and truly tracking what I was eating. And it helped get me back down and took a half inch off my waist. Even when I had cake and ice cream on Friday for a co-workers 25th anniversary, I was aware of what I was eating and ate very lightly the rest of the day.

So, as the new week looms, I’m going for the same goal as last week--track what I’m eating and stick to the allotted points. It’s great when you can pick up something in the grocery store and it has the Weight Watchers points values right on the package--certain Jello products and Healthy Choice come to mind. I wish everything had WW points on the package.

My leader, Cindy, noticed that my monthly pass was a printout from the internet. I told her I almost had to quit due to finances but I felt like it was too important to give up. So as soon as I lose another 9 pounds, I can decide on my goal weight. Once I hit the goal weight, I have to stay at that weight (paying all the while) for six weeks. Then I’m declared Lifetime and can stop paying (as long as I stay within 2 pounds of goal).

I hereby proclaim that I will be Lifetime by the end of September! That’s my goal. YES, I CAN!

C’est la vie!

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