Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shelfari-A Book Lovers Haven

So, The Husband has considered himself a Computer Widower for quite a few years now. Especially with the jewelry business, I spend a lot of time posting and schmoozing and browsing online.

Last night, while reading a fave blog, I happened to notice for the second or third time (this is why you can’t run a print ad just once. It takes several views for people to really notice…) that she had a bookshelf in the right column showing what book she’s currently reading. Now, kind readers, you may not know this about me but the only thing that can stop me faster than a bead store is a book store. I want my ashes scattered over a library, that’s how much books mean to me!

So, I clicked the graphic and zoom, found myself at Shelfari, which I think is run by Amazon. This was very late at night and I was so dazzled that I could look up all these books I’ve read and put them on my “shelf”, that the devil himself could have been the webmaster!

I haven’t really gotten that far into Shelfari yet but I know there are groups you can join and you can write reviews and see what’s coming out. Your book shelf consists of what you’ve read, what you’re reading and what you want to read. Now I have to confess, I have a Word page on my computer where I keep up on the titles I’ve read and what’s coming out when (I read a lot of mystery series) and what looks interesting that I need to find. So this is like Hog Heaven for Mare, let me tell ya!

Here’s my Shelfari bio:

When I learned to read in first grade, I must have made my parents crazy, reading everything as we drove around doing errands. I'd read street signs, billboards, signs in windows, on buses, anything I saw. And my parents, bless 'em, encouraged every letter and word!

Consequently, I'm a compulsive reader. I always have a stack of library books next to my chair, plus magazines and all things paper. If I'm stuck in a waiting room without a book (nightmare of nightmares!), I'll read the same sign about paying for services rendered 100 times...

The last few years, I've been going through what I call my American Cozies phase, light mysteries like John J. Lamb, Fran Rizer, Hailey Lind, well I could go on and on. I also love a very specific kind of vampire fiction--not too brutal or gory. Maryjanice Davidson, Charlane Harris, P.N. Elrod. Also a few children's series, namely Diane Duanes' Young Wizards series (rivals Harry Potter, in my opinion) and Debi Gliori's Pure Dead series. And every once in a while, something non-fiction will creep in, like Crashing Through.

If you’re a reader and a computer person, like me, go check it out. You’ll spend hours! Click the link below or my bookshelf in the right column.

C’est la vie!

My new business banner!

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