Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Out! Here Comes a Rant!

Disclaimer: This is not intended to belittle actual DMV workers. This is to annihilate the DMV and it's policies. So if you are a DMV worker, please do not take offense.


I have to append my previous blog post. The question was What profession would you not want to participate in? My answer was Mortuary Science. My new answer is DMV drone.

And I do mean DRONE. Obviously, the Powers that Wanna Be at the CA DMV give absolutely no power at all to their employees. All they can do is repeat (imagine little robot arms flailing, like the dearly departed robot on Lost in Space intoning, Danger Will Robinson), "That's all I can see on my computer." "That's all I can see on my computer." "That's all I can see on my computer."

Ok, here's my problem~~We've had a VW bus off the road for 5 years. I'm sure at some point I sent in paperwork to indicate that it was non-operational and paid the $5 fee. Now they're claiming we never did that and they want $365 to get a temp registration!!! And all the drone could say was "That's all I can see on my computer." The Husband had to practically drag me from the building!

What's really pissing me off here is that the woman didn't offer any alternatives. She didn't say, "Let me refer you to a supervisor", "Perhaps you could call this number to get this cleared up," even, "Calm the hell down and don't take it out on me." Believe me, in Payroll I do plenty of customer service. And believe me when I say that doing customer service in Payroll means dealing with emotional folks freaking out about their money. I wouldn't think of repeating the same stupid, unhelpful thing over and over like a freakin' android. We have the latitude to help people, by fixing their problem or referring them to someone who can. And when it's a problem that can't be fixed, we at least offer some sympathy in the form of actually showing some personality and compassion. Not just sitting there like our clockworks have run down.

I imagine that the Governator is their ultimate boss, right? Hey, Arnold, give your employees the ability to ease a situation, not throw gasoline on the fire by being so damn useless! At least give them phone numbers to hand out to irate people so they can simulate looking like they're doing something productive and helpful!

And the adventure continues...

C'est la vie!

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