Friday, January 2, 2009

The Tumbleweed Farm


When you think of tumbleweeds, don’t you think of lonely ghost towns and dusty, empty streets? Well, my Day Job is in a somewhat urban setting, within walking distance of Wal-Mart and industrial parks. But a vacant lot nearby has recently developed into a tumbleweed farm.

I know this first photo blows (well, none of them are Ansel Adams…) but I want to give you the full picture to show the sheer volume of tumbleweeds. They're the dark line that runs horizontally through the middle of the photo.

This second picture gives a little more detail, showing how they jump on top of one another (perhaps this is where baby tumbleweeds come from??). They sort of look like Tribbles… And we know what kind of trouble they were!

And here are a couple of big ass full blown tumbleweeds. Note how they’re almost as high as the chain link fence.

I suppose the city or county will need to call in tumbleweed wranglers soon. Maybe they can relocate them to Calico ghost town…

C’est la vie!

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