Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Just wanted to share some cell phone pix of Halloween at the office yesterday.

Teresa is on the left and no, I didn’t do anything to her hair color. That wig is BRIGHT BLUE! She’s an 80’s cartoon character that usually has a guitar… I’m a generic pink Skull Princess. The tiara isn’t really clear in this picture and my earrings have pink skulls.

And here’s my pink skull shoes. They’re actually kids shoes, so I have to clip my nails really short to wear them comfortably! I bought them for a cruise I took with my BFF, Zan, 3 years ago that sailed during Halloween. Ain’t they cute??

WW tomorrow. Hoping for good news, even though I had two ultra-thin slices of punkin pie yesterday. No dessert last night, though… We shall see.


C’est la vie!

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