Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weight Watchers Eighth Week


Ok, my scale said I’d lost a pound… Stupid Weight Watcher scale said I only lost .2... Ah, that’s ok. Maybe next week I’ll have a bigger loss, combining this week and next. A big RAZZZZZBERRY to the WW scale :-) My measurements were also down a bit, so there!

Stayed on program even though it was a tough week at work--another big fat layoff and I’m the one who writes the majority of the final checks. So not fun. But The Husband worked late hours all week and came over to work at lunch so we could walk around the neighborhood and have some face time this week. So that was nice, and healthy.

Today we went to see 2012, which was fun and somewhat scary. On the way into the theatre, we encountered an irresistible photo op:

C’est la vie!

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