Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weight Watchers Ninth Week


Even with Thanksgiving in the not-so-distant past, I lost .6 of a pound. I tell ya, as long as I’m goin’ down, I’m happy. To be honest, the scale at home and measurements didn’t budge this week, so I’m happy WW is showing a loss.

The Husband always works on T-Day (God bless overtime), so we never eat before 7pm. Who wants a big ole meal that late?! In the past, we’ve usually had a boneless turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls and stuffing, then some billion calorie dessert. This year, as I told Cindy when we were celebrating my 5% total loss at the WW meeting this morning, we had just the turkey and the Maple roasted sweet potatoes from Trader Joe’s. She joked that that was kinda sad but it actually wasn’t. For once, we went to bed not feeling like barfing and look, I had a .6 loss. Who needs stuffing and rolls, anyway??!!

Now, Christmas, that’s gonna be another matter entirely…

C’est la vie!

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