Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Check in #2


Had a pretty good day. Let's see where I'm at now:

Weight to lose: 45

Must have lost a lot of water. That's never a bad thing, unless you're lost in the desert.

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 35

Walked around the block at work, 20 minutes. Too hot, though, so I may switch to evening around where I live. Weights and yoga, 15 minutes

Wins: Oi! I got into work and there was a special birthday breakfast for a co-worker. Honest to God, it looked like a convenience store! Bagels, cream cheese, mini cream cheese pastries, packaged pastry, cupcakes, fruit scones, Del Taco egg burritos. Holy Diet Nightmare, Batman! So what did I have? A plate full of fruit! Yeah, I'm that good.

Losses: Ok, a mini cream cheese pastry accosted me in a weak moment when I was coming in from my walk. And half a fruit scone jumped into my mouth on the way to the restroom.

C’est la vie!

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