Saturday, May 9, 2009

Inspiration While Saling

I was out yard saling with The Husband this morning and found this T-shirt. No, it doesn’t actually fit me yet, but it will. I bought it because it’s inspiring. I want to be strong and fit. And I am a girl, so, hey, I’m a third of the way there!

There so many reasons I love yard saling. Here’s a couple:

We got a lot of exercise walking from yard to yard

You meet nice people

We wandered through a really cool community we wouldn’t have known existed had they not advertised in the Pennysaver (yeah, Pennysaver, where I’ve worked for 20+ years).

We met a cat and his person who were pretty fascinating since the cat came when called and apparently wanders around the neighborhood with his person like a dog.

Here’s a pic of the entire yard sale haul (not including the rubber swords and shield The Husband bought for props...). You can find out more about all this stuff at my other blog,

C’est la vie!

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