Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check In ~ All Shook Up


Damnation, I hate earthquakes! We just had a 5.0, centered in Inglewood, near LA. The house creaks and the chandelier sways and the cats get very big eyes. My heart beats double and I do a controlled freak out. Well, I guess it's better than blizzards...

Weight to lose: Until 20 minutes ago, I was going to title this post "Just Shoot Me". Enough said?

Calories consumed: Too many

Minutes of Exercise: Does walking around Ikea and a craft fair count? It must, I've got a blister on my foot...

Notes: Not for public consumption. I'll get kicked off the internet if I express my dieting mood right now.

Losses: None of your beeswax

Wins: I didn't buy a candy bar at Ikea and I didn't eat the second Funny Bone in the package...

C’est la vie!

1 comment:

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Hang in there. We all have those days. I have way more than I should but it was fun. My Wii fit gives me heck when I overdo it so I try to keep that in mind.