Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Check In ~ Frustrated

Weight to lose: 40 friggin' 4

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 25, walking outside

Notes: Ate well today. Still staying at that damn 44, though. So frustrating. Wish I had a job that allowed me more movement. Sitting at a desk blows.

Losses: Crisis of faith. This morning I was really down because the pants I was wearing, some of the biggest I own, felt tight.

Wins: Here's a Mare Factoid: I drink a lot of diet soda, although I have managed to stop buying it to have at home. It's more expensive than gas, for crissake! In the morning, I buy a bottle from a vending machine at work and some days, I buy a second one later in the day. This afternoon, I got a bottle of water and mixed it with citrus Crystal Light (highly recommended, especially if you're not a water drinker, like me. The real deal is good but the Wal-Mart and Target brands are just as good and cheaper). I know water is better than diet soda but the caffeine is a hard habit to break...

C’est la vie!


1 comment:

zan said...

Isnt it frustrating? Our damn metabolisms seem to grind to a halt after age 50! But hang in there girl, you can do it! Remember how thin you were for our cruise?? (A small piece of me still hates you for that, by the way - j/k!!) You can get there again - lets set our sights on our 55th Bday Alaska cruise!!!!