Sunday, May 10, 2009

Check In ~ Stay the Course


I know, I've been skipping days. Guess that's just gonna happen. So I'll title my check in's instead of numbering them. I couldn't ever remember what number I was up to anyway...

Weight to lose: 44

Calories consumed: 1100

Minutes of Exercise: 25, stair stepper, stretching

Notes: Sometimes you do everything right, or at least right enough not to gain, and you gain anyway... It's been warm here lately so I'm thinking maybe I'm retaining water again. I should take my measurements because sometimes your measurements stay the same but you gain temporarily but I'm just not at that point yet where I want to see the numbers... So, I'll stay the course and I'm sure the weight will go down again soon. I must be ready to lose because a setback of two pounds when I really have not been cheating would have led me to Cold Stone a few weeks ago. Flirty skirt, flirty skirt, flirty skirt!

Losses: Not doing as much exercise as I intend to do. The Husband was having back problems again but that's no excuse for me to sit on my butt...

Wins: Haven't brought anything bad into the house~bad is defined as anything I can eat continuously without thought, such as chips, trail mix or anything sweet.

C’est la vie!

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